What’s holding you back?

Don’t know how to start? 

Don’t know what to start?

Afraid it won’t be good enough? 

Don’t know what to say? 

Not sure how to say it? 

Afraid of what your friends and family will think? 

Don’t think anyone will care? 

Don’t think you have anything to contribute?

Afraid you’ll be exposed? 

I have let too many things hold me back from living into who I want to be, the work I want to create, and the impact I want to make. Maybe you can relate. 

I’m using the feeling of a fresh start that comes with a new calendar year to confront my resistance, fight through discomfort, and practice showing up and sharing. 

What would you do if you could get out of your own way? 

I am hoping these two ideas from Seth Godin and John Spector are helpful reminders when I feel my resistance moving me toward inaction, maybe they will be helpful for you.

“The only choice we have is to begin. And the only place to begin is where we are. Simply begin. But begin.”

– Seth Godin, The Practice

“Create something. Share it. Get seen. Get better. Someone, somewhere, needs what you can deliver.”

– John Spector

Further reading

  • The War of Art by Steven Pressfield
  • The Practice by Seth Godin
  • Show your work by Austin Kleon

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