Take the time to craft a clear and compelling message

I just wrapped up a homepage wireframe I’m really amped about. I love seeing the transformation that happens when you take the time to craft a clear and compelling message. It is unquestionably worth the investment. It’s establishing a solid foundation before you start building, it benefits virtually every aspect of your work.

But on top of that, and I’m not being hyperbolic when I say this, clear and compelling communication is kind, it is generous, and it is courageous. Whether it’s on your website, in a video, in a meeting, or around the dinner table.

It’s kind because you are using language and organizing it in a way that makes sense and helps the listener/reader better understand. No one likes to be confused or lost.

It’s generous because you are helping them understand what you offer and why it matters and why they can trust you, making it easier for them to make a decision and hopefully get a genuine want or need met.

It’s courageous because you are actually saying something, taking a stand for something. You are choosing to care. You are not hedging your bets. You are asserting what you offer and why it matters without any guarantees, knowing it won’t be for everyone.

And for those that are curious, here is a breakdown of the messaging flow I ended up with on this project.

  • Clear value / Bold vision
  • Problem or current reality
  • Primary value proposition
  • How or our approach
  • What do we offering
  • Testimonials & Credibility
  • Motivating belief or just cause
  • Clear, specific call-to-action with risk reversal
  • Footer for navigation and quick links

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