I'm Tim

For more than a decade I've led cross-functional teams to deliver projects that achieve key business objectives as a digital strategist and marketing director.

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About Me

I specialize in blending brand strategy, digital marketing, and content creation to elevate brand visibility and increase audience engagement. My approach is centered around crafting marketing campaigns and leading digital transformation initiatives that drive growth and improve customer experiences.

Recent Work

Director of Marketing

A.H. Beck Foundation Co.

July 2022 – Present

Led a strategic overhaul of the brand’s digital presence and visual identity, aligning the website and marketing materials with the company's market-leading expertise. The result was a revitalized brand narrative that resonates with the target audience and supportes key company objectives.

Director of Marketing

National CCIC

July 2022 – Present

Led a user-centric website redesign improving user experience and conversions, integrated cutting-edge CRM and automation software to improve engagement and workflow efficiency, and executed targeted SEO and PPC campaigns to boost online visibility. I also united sales, marketing, and customer service teams, creating a cohesive strategy that measurably increased revenue and improved the entire customer lifecycle.

Independent Consultant

Tim McGee LLC

Jan 2010 – Present

I've partnered with clients to craft and implement customized marketing strategies and digital campaigns,including websites and brand strategies that enhance online visibility and drive business expansion. I've led dynamic content campaigns across video, podcasts, and social media to elevate brand awareness and affinity, as well as developed robust e-commerce and learning platforms, ensuring my clients not only reach but exceed their diverse business objectives..